One Day


24 hour


5 days


5+ days

$55 per day

Rentals & Rates

We are currently only renting by reservation, We can deliver the scooter to a preffered location thats both convenient for you as well as applicable to our needs ( decent parking lot for training/orientation of the scooter). We were closed down for half of October, sorry for any inconvenience that may have caused.

Vetas 50cc Scooter

1-3 Days

$175​ per day

4-7 Days

$155 per day

8-14 Days

$​135 per day


Enquire within


50cc  fourstroke motor

Impressive 100 mpg

Great for navigating the town

​No motorcycle license required

Must be 18yrs of age

Suzuki V-Strom


650cc liquid cooled fourstroke motor

Average 54 mpg

Great for the adventure rider/ long distance

optional saddle bags

Must posess valid motorcycle license
California Residents Read:  CA state law requires a motorcycle endorsemnt to ride a scooter unless rented for 48 hours or less.

​Call ahead for reservations 775-750-8007 or

Drop off delivery for scooters to select hotel/casinos call for info

Rules Form

Release Form


Helmet, full tank of gas,  A quick tutorial  of the scooter/ motorcycle,  locks, and free answers to any questions you might have.

You will need a valid drivers license   for scooters, valid motorcycle license  for bikes and a valid credit card to  rent a Scooter/Motorcycle. 

A  $300 dollar cash deposit for scooter or $500 dollar cash depsoit for a motorcycle  can be substituted .

We accept Visa/ Mastercard/ American Express.

Renter must sign rental agreement.

​Additional insurance coverage can be purchased for motorcycles


Closed toed shoes required to ride. there is plenty of storage for flip flops, sandals, etc.

A form of eye protection, sun glasses will work.

Get out scootin sooner by downloading and filling out the forms below

Brush your teeth, you'll be smiling all day!!